What is Idbellus?


Your clothes say a lot about who you are. You were made to be uniquely you, which is why we encourage self appreciation. We are Idbellus (Lifestyle Apparel). This name connects the two words: Identity and Beautiful (Latin). Idbellus is a company that strives to create a community among the unique. It is a brand that encourages freedom of expression. Every human is different and created as valuable. We at Idbellus are dedicated to create apparel allowing individuals to embrace their individual, beautiful identities.

Meet the Team!

Bryson Keyes

"”Oh my gawsh .. I love this company so much because..."

John Baldwin

"Whadup homies ish ya boi Jonnyman, the Baldwin of the bunch.”

Josh Bundren

"If Georgio Arman was Steve Jobs but younger and doper.”